Blogging and Dreaming for your Next Job

Introduction There was a movie that I was inspired by called “Julie and Julia,” where she started a blog cooking through Julia Childs cookbook. She loved cooking and decided to challenge herself. It was more of a passion project. You know how that is right? Something that you really don’t think will amount to much,Continue reading “Blogging and Dreaming for your Next Job”

“Bank on You” by Jeremiah J. Brown Chapter 1 Book Review

I know that I had a specific reading list, but I am going to update it to this book I am currently reading. I did a series of shorts in YouTube about wealth traps and the things we are told around financial literacy (attached below). Just to to do a quick recap on my videos,Continue reading ““Bank on You” by Jeremiah J. Brown Chapter 1 Book Review”

5 Part Series “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

“You know the problems of those who face the necessity of beginning all over again. There are thousands of people in America today who would like to know how they can convert ideas into money, people who must start at scratch, without finances, and recover their losses.”Jennings Randolph The quote above provides insight into anContinue reading “5 Part Series “Great Minds Discuss Grinds””