What I ACTUALLY Read in 2022

I want to first start out by referencing the reading list I started off with in 2022, as I was starting to try to explore what I wanted to do to earn extra money. This is what I actually read from cover to cover because my interest pivoted to another area of business. “Making moneyContinue reading “What I ACTUALLY Read in 2022”

Lessons I’ve Learned from Dame Dash

youtube.com/watch This was an interview that “The Diary of a CEO” conducted with Dame Dash. I remember when he was rocking hard with Jay-Z and Kayne m, where he had a certain perception of being cocky or a “know-it-all”, but today, I saw a different person. Here are the following lessons that I learned fromContinue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned from Dame Dash”

Blogging and Dreaming for your Next Job

Introduction There was a movie that I was inspired by called “Julie and Julia,” where she started a blog cooking through Julia Childs cookbook. She loved cooking and decided to challenge herself. It was more of a passion project. You know how that is right? Something that you really don’t think will amount to much,Continue reading “Blogging and Dreaming for your Next Job”