It is important to understand that the more present you are, the more desire you have for improving your life, and you can improve your life by working on the things you like. Thinking about achieving your goals will not do anything real for you. Evolve into a person who is productive every day. Don’t continue to waste it by watching TV, hanging out with the wrong people, or engaging in any other mindless, mundane activities. Make the most of your time.

Check out the video as I mention a book named “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles on changing your mindset as it relates to acquiring wealth. It all starts with you!

Book Mention on Productivity

If you are interested in starting a channel on You tube to dip into the waters of social media, check out this useful tool: This app will serve as your personal guide through the elements you need to step out there on faith and get some success. If you don’t believe me, check out my channel and when I started posting videos and what I am doing now.

As always, I am taking you through my journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

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Making Money with Side-hustles

Make Your Money Work For You

Saving isn’t enough; you need to make your savings make more money for you to keep growing your wealth. Create multiple channels to put your money; buying property and lease it out; businesses are investments that bring in a steady profit. Invest in yourself; you heard that right–improving your skill-set is another type of investment that needs to be looked into. With enough skills, you can bring on your A-game at work, and with time your salary will increase; you can also use your skill-set to create a side hustle to boost your income.

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