Employees Fired on Zoom!!!

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CPR Pitching Method

I know what you’re thinking….CPR, there’s a person that need a medical attention…right?? Well, in business this is a pitch framework that Gloria Chou used to pitch herself to get on other’s podcast. What is unique about this approach is that it is used to generate interest outside your customer base. Don’t think of this method as selling a product or service, but as adding a valuable perspective to a situation that everyone is already talking about in a way that shows your insight.

See the link I have provided to another one of my post about how valuable your experiences are to someone else. This is a new era and things that have worked out for others might not work out for you and that is why you have to keep constantly learning and applying new knowledge as you grow into your journey of entrepreneurship or just plain growth where you are currently.

The CPR method is based on these three factors:

  1. Credibility
  2. Point of View
  3. Relevance

Check out her template here: https://flip.it/CvuDDt

You are your own compass
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Digital Professional Portfolio


A digital portfolio shows what you are capable of doing and encompasses your skills, learning pursuits, which sometimes is not representative of a degree. On my personal journey, I think of the story I want to tell as I start my path towards entrepreneurship, sometimes it seems we see a successful person after they have gone through trials and personal struggles.

Maybe we feel that we are at the point where we feel we have not done enough for someone else to want to listen to our experiences. I feel that everything we do is valuable to somebody, and as long as we keep that perspective, then we should share those experiences with others, with the intention that we don’t want others to repeat mistakes we have made.

Digital Portfolio for Reflection

A digital portfolio showcases your brand and expertise in an area. You do this by regularly sharing content across your social media platforms, which will help you build community and presence. Since I have decided to chronicle my journey to entrepreneurship, this is a topic interest that I am delving into as a startup.

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Pinterest SEO

If you are not using SEO keywords here, oh boy are you missing out! Think of Pinterest as a search engine. When you start to type in a subject that you are interested in, suggestions will pop up, those are the top 100 Pinterest Keywords.

Misconceptions of Pintrest

Pinterest is not a social networking environment and if it’s being used as such, your efficient optimization or use of the application is not providing its top benefit. If Pinterest serves as a search engine, then that means it should serve as your inspiration in creating content as a blogger.

The experience of the visual search is based on curated items in the same category you are looking to expand your knowledge in. So use this tool as inspiration to get ideas for creating content.

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Using Pinterest for Business

People are very visual and often need a picture to support the vision. I would like to think of Pinterest as a digital vision board. Not only would it help your brand, but it would provide you with another component to add to your personal portfolio.

Digital Manifestation

Pinterest provides a platform to inspire others who are in the dreaming phase just before the start of a plan. In a marketing plan, this application serves to reach new audiences and a place where you can create and engage new communities through newsletters, making conversions through ticket sales and purchases.

Content Marketing Strategy Suggestion

  1. Use SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound).
  2. Learn about the audience and demographic using this platform.
  3. Learn your own target audience.
  4. Investigate how your competition is using this platform.
  5. Incorporating content to market your brand in your social media content calendar.
Marketing Yourself
Let’s Plan
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Virtual Addresses when forming an LLC as a Part Time Entrepreneur

Part time Entrepreneur

There are a few things to consider when thinking about expenses when forming an LLC, and you are going to be doing it part time. If you are considering going after government contracts, then the virtual office address cannot be a P.O. Box. It must be a physical address. For example, there is a service named IPostal , where people who have used the service are getting rejected when they try to apply for government contracts, with the reason being that they “virtual office” is not a “psyhical” space that can receive timely correspondence.

This is especially important when you get correspondence from the state regarding renewal or other paperwork that is essential for your business.

As I am going through my personal journey through setting up my business and making decisions as I go along the way, I will be sharing insights and things I have found helpful. I will personally be using this virtual office setup.

I came across an interesting site about how you no longer need an office to operate your business. The great part about this is your payments are reported to the credit reporting bureau as a trade line, which is what you need to apply for funding opportunities. Click the link below and let me know what you think.

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