Your Personal SWOT Analysis

It is the end of the year and I know that you are contemplating what to do next in going into the year of 2022. Are you in the same place now that you were in a year before? SWOT stands for “strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and threat.”

SWOT Analysis Example

1. Strengths

  • What certifications do you presently possess?
  • How is your skill in currently trending technology?
  • Do you possess any project management skills that will add value to your company?

2. Weaknesses

  • Are you lacking trending technical skills or soft skills that could possibly stand in the way of a promotion?

3. Opportunities

  • Do you think that acquiring these new skills will help you advance in employment?

4. Threat

  • Do you have personal traits hindering your growth?
  • What technologies are currently being phased out for the new advances?
  • Are you aware of new technological advances in your area in which you lack the technical skills?

Creately is an application that can help you with this goal of self evaluation before going into the new year. The first thing you are going to create an account and select the SWOT Template.

Creately Application
Step#1 -Create an Account
Step#2- Choose a Template

Why should you do a SWOT Analysis?

You should create an analysis when you have the following situations.

  • A new job interview
  • Freelance Project
  • Performance Review

Now this technique is not meant to be complicated, but to show you a visual of where you currently are and where you are striving to be. Use this strategy to level up!

When Your Audience Does Not Know You

Building Social Media Community

Social Media Community

Imagine that you are spending night after night viewing You Tube videos, reading articles on how others have expanded their brands to where they currently are. You’re looking at case studies to apply what the current influencers did to your personal journey. Out of all that time you are devoting to your current activities, you are still trying to piece together a few strategies to consistently apply, and you feel that you are getting nowhere.

In the piece below, I am presenting two steps to introduce new audiences to your content. As you read this article, follow this strategy for yourself and analyze the results. I am not pretending to be an expert on this subject, but what I am doing is learning a new process that I don’t see much conversation on in terms of definitive strategies (that is not costing me an arm and a leg) for a new person new to social media to apply.

After you read this article, you have found something valuable, please like, share, and subscribe. That shows me that the content I work hard to produce is helping someone out there.

Step 1: Converting a Stranger to a Casual Reader

  1. Create Slide shares ( I use Flip Board)
    • This is where you curate a “magazine” that caters to the topic you are blogging about.
    • It will provide your audience with more information and drive more traffic to your site.
    • Here is an example of mine. (Please like and follow)

Step 2: Casual Reader to Subscriber

  1. Create a freebie
    • This will will allow you to collect email addresses.
    • Use this to inform readers of your future topics, workshops, and new products that you are featuring.

To get the next steps from the feature article please click on this link and submit your email address for the complete article.

Defining Your Company Purpose

Before the pandemic, I used to think in terms of my value to a company, but now I largely look at myself as a brand. A brand has a story, a place of origin, and a relevance to the right now. In a previous blog post, I mentioned how our personal experiences provide a perspective that no one else can provide and this is what makes you have to say valuable.

The “Branding” Story

“Lead With Me” provides an interesting perspective on leadership through education. This type of leadership builds individual capacity in decision-making through facilitation in anticipation to solve problems. Shared experiences and learning from our mistakes and that and that of others, promote innovation, where stakeholders or the people you want to serve , buy into the vision or your vision.

Crafting the Vision

Think like a venture capitalist, where you are developing as many ideas as possible. For those who read a lot, you develop a particular insight that encourages forward thinking and action when opportunities present themselves.

For more information on some of the resources I use to make videos click here. TubeBuddy provides a checklist of best practices that will help you become better at creating your YouTube videos.

CPR Pitching Method

I know what you’re thinking….CPR, there’s a person that need a medical attention…right?? Well, in business this is a pitch framework that Gloria Chou used to pitch herself to get on other’s podcast. What is unique about this approach is that it is used to generate interest outside your customer base. Don’t think of this method as selling a product or service, but as adding a valuable perspective to a situation that everyone is already talking about in a way that shows your insight.

See the link I have provided to another one of my post about how valuable your experiences are to someone else. This is a new era and things that have worked out for others might not work out for you and that is why you have to keep constantly learning and applying new knowledge as you grow into your journey of entrepreneurship or just plain growth where you are currently.

The CPR method is based on these three factors:

  1. Credibility
  2. Point of View
  3. Relevance

Check out her template here:

You are your own compass
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Digital Professional Portfolio


A digital portfolio shows what you are capable of doing and encompasses your skills, learning pursuits, which sometimes is not representative of a degree. On my personal journey, I think of the story I want to tell as I start my path towards entrepreneurship, sometimes it seems we see a successful person after they have gone through trials and personal struggles.

Maybe we feel that we are at the point where we feel we have not done enough for someone else to want to listen to our experiences. I feel that everything we do is valuable to somebody, and as long as we keep that perspective, then we should share those experiences with others, with the intention that we don’t want others to repeat mistakes we have made.

Digital Portfolio for Reflection

A digital portfolio showcases your brand and expertise in an area. You do this by regularly sharing content across your social media platforms, which will help you build community and presence. Since I have decided to chronicle my journey to entrepreneurship, this is a topic interest that I am delving into as a startup.

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Pinterest SEO

If you are not using SEO keywords here, oh boy are you missing out! Think of Pinterest as a search engine. When you start to type in a subject that you are interested in, suggestions will pop up, those are the top 100 Pinterest Keywords.

Misconceptions of Pintrest

Pinterest is not a social networking environment and if it’s being used as such, your efficient optimization or use of the application is not providing its top benefit. If Pinterest serves as a search engine, then that means it should serve as your inspiration in creating content as a blogger.

The experience of the visual search is based on curated items in the same category you are looking to expand your knowledge in. So use this tool as inspiration to get ideas for creating content.

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