The Instant Brand Blueprint Review (Lady Boss Studio)

Since I am in the beginning stages of branching off into entrepreneurship, I want to share my journey, from the products I try, to the results I get as a result of doing something. Today, I tried a branding kit (Lady Boss Studio) that helped me to put my vision of what I want my business to represent into a visual that I can constantly refer to in Canva.

Features of the product I liked:

  1. Step by Step Guide to creating your business brand.
  2. Workbook Format
  3. My personal inspirations were used through this exercise to helped me to do it myself.
  4. Additionally, you can use this exercise to help you create additional branding collateral.

Below are the photos of this exercise.

Vision Board
Color Palette Creation
Designed Logo
Final Branding Board

Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Your Personal SWOT Analysis

It is the end of the year and I know that you are contemplating what to do next in going into the year of 2022. Are you in the same place now that you were in a year before? SWOT stands for “strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and threat.”

SWOT Analysis Example

1. Strengths

  • What certifications do you presently possess?
  • How is your skill in currently trending technology?
  • Do you possess any project management skills that will add value to your company?

2. Weaknesses

  • Are you lacking trending technical skills or soft skills that could possibly stand in the way of a promotion?

3. Opportunities

  • Do you think that acquiring these new skills will help you advance in employment?

4. Threat

  • Do you have personal traits hindering your growth?
  • What technologies are currently being phased out for the new advances?
  • Are you aware of new technological advances in your area in which you lack the technical skills?

Creately is an application that can help you with this goal of self evaluation before going into the new year. The first thing you are going to create an account and select the SWOT Template.

Creately Application
Step#1 -Create an Account
Step#2- Choose a Template

Why should you do a SWOT Analysis?

You should create an analysis when you have the following situations.

  • A new job interview
  • Freelance Project
  • Performance Review

Now this technique is not meant to be complicated, but to show you a visual of where you currently are and where you are striving to be. Use this strategy to level up!