Valentine’s Day Him/Her Guidebook

In thinking about staying safe as much as possible during the pandemic, I thought it would be a good idea to create moments of romance with those that we care about from home, so here are a few suggestions on how to create that romantic vibe.

1. Bring Your Love Story to Life

Create a personalized book with your love story in it from Love Book.

2. Not Great at Planning Dates?

I found this concept of date planning interesting. This company is called “The Adventure Challenge.” There are products featured for couples and families. You can get a plan for a couple date or dinner…

Amazon has this great deal going on where you can buy special items for Valentines using this promotion link. This link allows you to shop for all things related to this special day in one place.

Have little time to shop for your loved one? This additional feature of “Same Day Delivery” is great as well with a qualified Amazon Prime Membership. If you don’t have the Amazon Prime Membership, here is a free 30 Day Trial here. Use this link to sign up and get your purchases through the 30 day trial.

3. For Men with Beards

I have seen the current trend of men maintaining their mustache and beards, so why not keep your skin and your beard looking and smelling good with Scotch Porter. They also carry hair products too.

Now for my Ladies

1. A Gift in a Jar

Many women like things that make them feel nurtured and refreshed and bath bombs, face masks, foot masks, and bubble baths nurture a woman’s soul.

2. Use Amazon Prime to Create a Gift Basket.

Amazon Prime has a suggestion guide for gifts of different budget types and you could use it to put together a gift basket of goodies.

3. Reasons why You Love Her

Women Love This For Real

Why Do You Blog??

What is your why?

Figuring it out

This is an interesting question, because it makes me think about the reason that I do this. Initially, my answer was because I want to take others on this journey with me as I am doing it, but then I began to further ponder on the idea that maybe, I have a voice and this is my way of expressing myself. In that voice, there are others who are interested in what I have to say, and maybe they feel a kinship in what I am expressing.

If you don’t say what it is you want to say, how do you know that what you say won’t change the trajectory of someone else’s life? The pandemic has brought alot of opportunities for those who where “invisible” to be creative in spaces that were available, but largely unexplored. There were people who adapted and took the time to engage in creative exploration, are the ones who are thriving at this point. If anything, there are more people thinking about what they want from life at this point. That is a good thing, because before, it was more about the daily grind and not really getting anywhere when it comes to personal fulfillment and what makes you happy.

As far as inspiration, 2021 has shown us that it is closer than we think. Those that are most connected to us, provide those simple ideas, not famous celebrities, or youtube stars…..just the environment around you.

Emotional Toolkit

What is really amazing is that emotions can help fuel you in achieving your goals. When you take time away from distractions, this allows for you to tune into your “creative vibe.” During this time, I have started to epxlore the things that I am interested in and explore paths in favor of relieving my stress, which has helped me tremendously, to deal with the everyday stresses and even the unexpected or unintended stresses the pandemic has presented.

One thing I will definitely be looking to try is 30 Creative Ways to Spend Your Free Time During Covis-19.

I blog because it helps my emotional state and my focus. Why do you blog? Feel free to comment.

What is your why?

Cristian Mihai


“The Art of Blogging”

I want to focus on those who have been supporting me from the start of my blog by writing about them and what I find valuable about their blog. There is nothing better in life than recognizing others who are in the work and bring value to the work that you are trying to do.

Today, I would like to highlight the blogger, Cristian Mihai from “The Art of Blogging,” “A Realistic Approach to Blog Growth for Beginners: How to Go From 0 to 1,000 Followers,” because there was article that inspired me in how to blog even when you have zero followers.

The lesson I learned from the article is that you just have to get started and “punching the damn keys.”

It is not all about becoming famous, but about the relationship that you maintain between you and your reader. The lesson to learn is whether you gain followers quickly or through an uphill battle, the experience is worth it, because in your journey, you are constantly refining your process. The one thing I have consistently seen is that in the social media game, most of them will tell you that it did not happen overnight and they consistently posted quality content even when no one was watching, but the real test of a bloggers potential is not in the first few posts, but in their ability to build a portfolio over time.

I have previously written about my journey of purusing entreprenuership, and this in line with setting a realistic strategy and timeline to achieve your goals. I can appreciate the strategy of building community with the networks around you first, and quite naturally it will expand outwards to others.

In this post, Mihai explains the strategy depending on your audience. I like the approach to start with who knows and supports you.

I don’t want to give away too much more, but only for me to say that you should check out this blogger. The information that I found here is very valuable, to the point where I even purchased a subscription.

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Digital Humanities

There is this course that I am taking that deals with Digital Humanities. This course has allowed me to understand that exploration of literature, history, and philosophy in digital capacities can increase engagement with younger learners. 

Just to digress a bit, let’s start with what digital humanities mean. Although I did not think it possible, this is an academic discipline that allows technology to intersect with culture.

Think of the implications of that. The history that is said to always have a biased nature, won’t be biased anymore, because these collections are actual historical accounts. Any subject or topic that is of interest has the capacity to have be catalogued in libraries around the world.

I find it fascinating that these collections are available digitally around the world. For example, there is the Frederick Douglass Newspaper collection from 1847 to 1874 where this series highlights self-improvement and responsibility from a historical perspective. Does that not show some relevancy to some of the current social issues we are facing today? Should our young learners know that this was an issue then in human fragility? Or perhaps one of human resilience? 

These topics and others provide an interesting way to explore literature, history, and teaching philosophy through the ages. That is what inspires collaboration of ideas through concept exploration.
Coming from a fellow educator…
Exploration of History through Digital Humanities
Collaboration of Ideas in Concepts

New Year’s Resolution 2022


New Year’s Resolution



This is

Personal Resolutions

As I was thinking about what to write about for the new year, I thought about the things we usually do at true beginning of the year, making promises to ourselves about changing certain outcomes in our lives and vowing to make better choices than what we made the year before.


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