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Dreaming BIG

There was a movie that I was inspired by called “Julie and Julia,” where she started a blog cooking through Julia Childs cookbook. She loved cooking and decided to challenge herself. It was more of a passion project. You know how that is right? Something that you really don’t think will amount to much, but it makes you happy.

That’s how I feel about blogging. This is a reflection of my journey, of where I am and where I want to be in the future. Weekly, as I think of what to write about next, I see things that inspire me, which makes me to write about my perspective and how I view things. This the space that I use to express myself and tell my students that “anything is possible.”


Julie Powell was a young woman with few prospects in New York City, who decided to try her hand at cooking French food. She was inspired by Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, a book she read while working as a nanny. Julie’s dream was simple: she wanted to be able to cook like Julia Child—and blog about it. But there was one problem…Julie couldn’t cook! So she set out on an ambitious journey that would change her life forever.

Julie and Julia, the 2009 movie starring Amy Adams, is a great film for anyone who has ever felt the urge to blog their way to a career.

Blogging as a Career

Julie and Julia is a 2009 film based on the real-life blogger Julie Powell. The movie stars Amy Adams as the role of Julie Powell, who started blogging after she lost her job and needed something to do with her time.

Julie started blogging about cooking recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 2002, but she didn’t really gain popularity until 2004 when she began blogging every day for one year straight.

The movie was based on the real-life blogger, Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) who made her way into the culinary world after she began cooking recipes found in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.


Powell started blogging about her experiences in 2002, at a time when blogging wasn’t exactly a mainstream pastime yet.

Powell started blogging about her experiences in 2002, at a time when blogging wasn’t exactly a mainstream pastime yet. She had been inspired by Julia Child’s book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and wanted to become a chef. Her blog was titled Julie/Julia Project and featured short conversations between Powell and readers from around the world about food.

Chef cooking

In 2003, Powell got her hands on an old computer that was used by Child for writing “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The computer came with all of Child’s notes on paper—stacks upon stacks of it—and so Powell started transcribing them into her blog as well as uploading photos from her own cookbook collection.

Julie and Julia as a movie makes an excellent case for dreaming and working for something you want.

The Julie and Julia movie makes a great case for dreaming about your next job and working towards it. Julie Powell’s blog, which started as a personal project on her blog and eventually became the book and movie Julie & Julia, is one of the best examples of how hard work can bring your dreams to life.

Goals #dreamingbig

Julie began blogging in 2005 while she was going through a divorce and looking for something positive to do with her time. She decided to cook every recipe from the first James Beard cookbook (the author who created this award-winning collection of recipes), starting with breakfast pancakes on January 1st (New Year’s Day). She made it through every recipe in just over three years, even though she initially didn’t know what she wanted out of blogging or why it would be fun—she just knew that cooking sounded like an interesting thing to do at that point in her life!

The story of Julie Powell is inspiring because she shows how hard work and determination can help you achieve your dreams.


The story of Julie Powell is inspiring because she shows how hard work and determination can help you achieve your dreams.

She reminds us that dreaming isn’t something that only happens when you’re asleep, but also in the waking hours of our lives—and if we have a dream worth pursuing, then it’s our responsibility to work hard at achieving it.

We should never give up on our dreams no matter how difficult or impossible they seem!


The story of Julie Powell is inspiring because she shows how hard work and determination can help you achieve your dreams. If you’re looking for inspiration, this movie is a great place to start! Then put your inspiration to the test!


Statement Closing Vs. Balance Due Date

When you’re young, all you’re concerned about is getting done with school and moving out to show your independence. Then you find that a few years of adulting, that you did not know what you think you knew and by this time, you have made some financial mistakes.

This was my story.

I will admit that I am still learning how to be better, financially, and pass those lessons on to my children and other young people.

Linked below is a short video that explains the difference between Statement Closing vs. Balance Due Date.

Provided below is a short summary of the things to remember about paying your credit card bill and when to do it to improve your credit scores.

Statement Closing- the last day of your billing cycle

Closing Date

Taking Ownership…Personal Experience

This is an actual experience in which I am basing this post today.

The Journey of Life

I have been doing some reflecting on the concept of taking ownership and on reflecting on the components that make up the conditions for promoting “ownership “, which is linked here.

It brought up several questions in my mind about those who hold you accountable for plans they made or outcomes they planned for without consulting those closest to the work. The example the article brought up was the disaster at Chernobyl many years ago and it’s impact still.

That incident brought to light that there were decisions made at the top level that were funneled down to the lower levels on how they wanted the work to go instead of passing down the objectives and leaving the team to figure out how to accomplish those goals.

This is what I have learned from that lesson, leadership is not easy when you have those directing the plan and you have no say in the plan or how to achieve the outcome.

Pushing Through

I always write pointers on my journey through entrepreneurship: that includes setbacks and life experiences.

I hope that this example encourages you as you go through your struggles, because most times we only see the person on the other side of their journey and not as they are going through it.

Stay encouraged and be blessed!

Educated Baddie- ScSi Diamonds, LLC

She can She is Diamonds

The Lost City

Fun Friday Movie

This is my fun cute Friday movie. It was really funny and light. I enjoyed every moment of the movie. Sandra Bullock has always been an undercover, sexy, awkward nerdy, no-nonsense actress who makes all of her movies worthwhile. Channing Tatum is the lame but cute “in love” model who admires the heck out of the main character.

Check out this movie on Amazon Prime.

The Feds Changed the Rate Again…

Please note that these are observations based on research and not on my professional opinion, nor am I representing professional financial planning services.

What you need to know

What is inflation? Inflation is the rate at which the price of goods and services increase. Just to give a quick example, where the consumer price index was last year at this time of year, it has increased 8.3% to now. Although there are different types of inflation, the one currently affecting us is cost-push, where goods and services increase and push prices higher. Please see this video for further explanation of inflation.

This inflation is different

Strategies to Combat Inflation


Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are a type of bond indexed directly to CPI meant to help investors preserve purchasing power. This is known as the Barbell Strategy, which is a proactive approach to help mitigate risks. This strategy is a fixed income investing. The impact to doing this is that because the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, it will reverse some of the stimulus measures that were put into place to combat the negative effects of the pandemic.

To get a basic understanding of inflation-protected bonds, you need to understand that they do not pay a fixed amount, but a quantity proportional to the cumulative inflation during the life of the bond.

Here is a list of suggested reading

You buy them through multiple mediums, but I am going to include screenshots if you choose to buy them as an individual representing an entity, in other words, having formed your own business.

Create a New Account
3 Step Process

Please keep in mind that you need an IRS Control Number.

Using Multimedia in Blog Posts

What is multimedia??

Your brain appeals to sight and sounds, which is how the brain records information. Likewise, the use of pictures and interactive videos help consumers connect digitally.

UI and UX

Think of how you interact with a page when you are considering a product. For women, when considering buying something online like shoes, the more pictures, the better. Also women need to see the specification of the shoes, for example, what kind of material it is made, or if the shoe is an open-toe in the front, back, or both, because you could probably order the shoe a whole size smaller. Those are considerations you bring to the table when deciding which elements to include in your blog posts.

Adobe identified many current trends in 2022 that could prove useful in content creation. The ones of interest, as an introduction are listed below, and the characteristics associated with them.

Visual Trends

Centered Self

Mindset Matters


Electric Car

In Motion


Design Trends

New Naturalism

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