Using Multimedia in Blog Posts

What is multimedia??

Your brain appeals to sight and sounds, which is how the brain records information. Likewise, the use of pictures and interactive videos help consumers connect digitally.

UI and UX

Think of how you interact with a page when you are considering a product. For women, when considering buying something online like shoes, the more pictures, the better. Also women need to see the specification of the shoes, for example, what kind of material it is made, or if the shoe is an open-toe in the front, back, or both, because you could probably order the shoe a whole size smaller. Those are considerations you bring to the table when deciding which elements to include in your blog posts.

Adobe identified many current trends in 2022 that could prove useful in content creation. The ones of interest, as an introduction are listed below, and the characteristics associated with them.

Visual Trends

Centered Self

Mindset Matters


Electric Car

In Motion


Design Trends

New Naturalism

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Essentials for Hardworking Gentlemen

Let these items below serve as inspiration on how to kick up your “Grown Man Sexy Style”. I am not saying purchase these items…..but just think about the ordinary things that would bring you pleasure.

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Grown and Sexy Reading Chair

Grown Man Coffee Machine

Grown Man Sleek Lamp

Grown Man Atmosphere

Grown Man Shoe Storage

Grown Man Drinks

Grown Man Relaxation

Steps to Producing an Infinite Return

“I have an idea, now what?” Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Leveraging a skill or idea that would require little or no money to start is where you would need to start.

Remember: The money from the cash that you anticipate with the product you are planning to launch must recoup at least your initial investment and continue to make money for you to consider your product launch successful.

Just for the sake of knowing that the beginning entrepreneur is going to be trying to figure out how to make more money initially, I am only going to talk about two aspects: 1) Your Ideas and 2) Sharing Your Knowledge. One thing that I can say in my journey through sharing my knowledge is on my YouTube Channel journey, for months people did not know my channel, but what I did was share it with people who knew me and then I kept creating videos. What I learned from this is that the audience might not be there in the moment, but the demand will eventually catch up. Videos that I first did months ago, people are now watching them.

Lesson Learned: Keep creating and building your community. The effort you put in now will keep paying you even when you are not focusing on it, just keep creating and adding to your brand and you will eventually get from it what you are looking for.

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Dashing Diva Nail Manicure

“Bank on You” by Jeremiah J. Brown Chapter 1 Book Review

Bank on You Book Review

I know that I had a specific reading list, but I am going to update it to this book I am currently reading. I did a series of shorts in YouTube about wealth traps and the things we are told around financial literacy (attached below).

Just to to do a quick recap on my videos, I talked about the money traps of the poor, middle and rich earners l, how their traps look to the outside. What is most present is the lack of knowledge in some areas , which contributes to where the traps are for each area.

Please check in it the videos I did on this topic to get a deeper understanding of the lessons that could be learned from each area and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

The Formula

Dr. Khalilah Campbell-Rhône

I love celebrating the success of women and highlighting the work that they do in our community. I just wanted to take to opportunity to promote this newly released book around the topic of education and working in schools that are failing. This would be an example of the modern day “Dr. Clark”. Remember the movie “Lean on Me?”

For any educator that is interested in how to turnaround schools in the topics presented in the book, please find this book at Amazon,

Book of the Week

I am now on Chapter 2 and am thinking about doing a class and breaking down the principles offered in each chapter. Chapter 2 is talking about the things we commonly hear that we think is good advice, but it hasn’t helped our financial literacy or us grow our wealth in the way that it should be growing with all your efforts to save and be frugal. That is just not enough.

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5 Part Series “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Business Minded
“You know the problems of those who face the necessity of beginning all over again. There are thousands of people in America today who would like to know how they can convert ideas into money, people who must start at scratch, without finances, and recover their losses.”
Jennings Randolph

The quote above provides insight into an issue that has been ever present in history. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was written in 1937. This shows that even then, there has been and will always be individuals with money issues, from not having enough of it, to learning how to get more of it, to being able to hold on to more of it, when you get it.

I was inspired by a video I saw where an everyday person was discussing how he got started. It was not by following a prescribed program, but was through shear desire of wanting to do better in life.

The first thing that I noticed is that when you feel that you have nothing to offer, learn a new skill. Once you learn the basics of that new skill, then you start using it.

I hope this provides you inspiration as you prepare to begin your week ahead. I am attaching my 5 YouTube shorts that give you a condensed version of what is motivating me.

Making Business Moves

Part 1: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Part 2: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Part 3: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Part 4: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Part 4-Second Part:

Part 5: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Making Money Moves

Reading list for 2022 Recap


So at the beginning of the year there was some reading I want to get done. Attached at the bottom is my original post for what I wanted to read. The first book on my list was the “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

Blue Ocean

I am not saying I do not appreciate scholarly writing, but the only thing thing that I could glean from the reading I could get through is about how you should expand into new markets and not the ones who are trusted, tried and true, because by the time you know more about it, it has been saturated.

The Blue Ocean Strategy is about taking advantage of what is currently happening by taking risks. After that, I lost interest. The reason for this is that there are so many books that tell us there are side hustles available and what others are doing, but what they are failing to do is to actually tell the real of how they became entrepreneurs.

What I have discovered through beginning my journey as an entrepreneur, I have learned that reading, taking classes, and more reading is what is what develops us personally and fills us with ideas of what to do next.

When you see inspiration, chase it.

For those who are interested in the overview and analysis of the book can purchase it here.

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