When Your Audience Does Not Know You

Building Social Media Community Imagine that you are spending night after night viewing You Tube videos, reading articles on how others have expanded their brands to where they currently are. You’re looking at case studies to apply what the current influencers did to your personal journey. Out of all that time you are devoting toContinue reading “When Your Audience Does Not Know You”

Defining Your Company Purpose

Before the pandemic, I used to think in terms of my value to a company, but now I largely look at myself as a brand. A brand has a story, a place of origin, and a relevance to the right now. In a previous blog post, I mentioned how our personal experiences provide a perspectiveContinue reading “Defining Your Company Purpose”

CPR Pitching Method

I know what you’re thinking….CPR, there’s a person that need a medical attention…right?? Well, in business this is a pitch framework that Gloria Chou used to pitch herself to get on other’s podcast. What is unique about this approach is that it is used to generate interest outside your customer base. Don’t think of thisContinue reading “CPR Pitching Method”

Digital Professional Portfolio

Purpose A digital portfolio shows what you are capable of doing and encompasses your skills, learning pursuits, which sometimes is not representative of a degree. On my personal journey, I think of the story I want to tell as I start my path towards entrepreneurship, sometimes it seems we see a successful person after theyContinue reading “Digital Professional Portfolio”

Using Pinterest for Business

People are very visual and often need a picture to support the vision. I would like to think of Pinterest as a digital vision board. Not only would it help your brand, but it would provide you with another component to add to your personal portfolio. Pinterest provides a platform to inspire others who areContinue reading “Using Pinterest for Business”