Clair Huxtable vs. Claire Underwood These are two interesting fictional characters where some valuable lessons can be taken from them in looking at the dynamics between powerful men and the women they marry. This is not just reflective with powerful couples, but with regular couples. What really inspired this train of thought is the clip included above sharing theContinue reading “Clair Huxtable vs. Claire Underwood”

Tik Tok Influencer Sued!!!Brittany Dawn I originally heard this story on Good Morning America and it I initially thought this is another example of how people should learn new skills and do it for themselves. We should stop glamorizing these influencers . Yes they are doing the things that we wish we could do, eventually, but you also haveContinue reading “Tik Tok Influencer Sued!!!Brittany Dawn”

Side Hustle Inspiration

These are recommended books that could inspire you towards your next big hustle! 100 Side Hustles by Chris Guillebeau Hustle by Neil Patel Side Hustles by John Banks Some weeks ago, I wrote about “Blue Ocean Strategies” and I want to provide an example of that. For those of you who might not know whatContinue reading “Side Hustle Inspiration”

Websites that Pay You to Write

Business Goals and Blogging The question that o have on my mind is how do I find ways to hustle in the side while maintaining building readership on my blog? In an article that I read by Nicola Bleu, about side hustles in the new year, and mentioned some options, such as writing for others,Continue reading “Websites that Pay You to Write”