Statement Closing Vs. Balance Due Date

When you’re young, all you’re concerned about is getting done with school and moving out to show your independence. Then you find that a few years of adulting, that you did not know what you think you knew and by this time, you have made some financial mistakes. This was my story. I will admitContinue reading “Statement Closing Vs. Balance Due Date”

Taking Ownership…Personal Experience

This is an actual experience in which I am basing this post today. I have been doing some reflecting on the concept of taking ownership and on reflecting on the components that make up the conditions for promoting “ownership “, which is linked here. It brought up several questions in my mind about those whoContinue reading “Taking Ownership…Personal Experience”

The Feds Changed the Rate Again…

Please note that these are observations based on research and not on my professional opinion, nor am I representing professional financial planning services. What you need to know What is inflation? Inflation is the rate at which the price of goods and services increase. Just to give a quick example, where the consumer price indexContinue reading “The Feds Changed the Rate Again…”

Using Multimedia in Blog Posts

What is multimedia?? Your brain appeals to sight and sounds, which is how the brain records information. Likewise, the use of pictures and interactive videos help consumers connect digitally. UI and UX Think of how you interact with a page when you are considering a product. For women, when considering buying something online like shoes,Continue reading “Using Multimedia in Blog Posts”

Steps to Producing an Infinite Return

Leveraging a skill or idea that would require little or no money to start is where you would need to start. Remember: The money from the cash that you anticipate with the product you are planning to launch must recoup at least your initial investment and continue to make money for you to consider yourContinue reading “Steps to Producing an Infinite Return”

“Bank on You” by Jeremiah J. Brown Chapter 1 Book Review

I know that I had a specific reading list, but I am going to update it to this book I am currently reading. I did a series of shorts in YouTube about wealth traps and the things we are told around financial literacy (attached below). Just to to do a quick recap on my videos,Continue reading ““Bank on You” by Jeremiah J. Brown Chapter 1 Book Review”