TikTok Brittany Dawn Settled Case

See this blog post for the explanation of how we have arrived here to the settled case. I’m this article, it mentioned that she had many stipulations included in her future business practices, including not representing that she is a trained professional, which I find interesting. See the link above for the original story andContinue reading “TikTok Brittany Dawn Settled Case”

Local News from H-Town

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) was threatened with a takeover by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in 2019 due to concerns about the district’s governance, academic performance, and financial management. In November 2019, the TEA announced that it would be taking over the HISD school board and replacing it with a state-appointed board ofContinue reading “Local News from H-Town”

Career Change Challenges

Making a career change can be an exciting but also challenging experience. Here are some common challenges that people face when making a career change: Despite these challenges, making a career change can also be a rewarding experience, allowing you to pursue a new direction in your life and reach your professional and personal goals.Continue reading “Career Change Challenges”

Opportunities to Create Passive Income

Amazon Affiliate, Zelf, and Stan Store Introduction If you’re an Amazon seller, then you have the option of using one of three different affiliate programs: Amazon Affiliate, Zelf, and Stan Store. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so let’s take a look at each of them and see which one is best for yourContinue reading “Opportunities to Create Passive Income”

Lessons I’ve Learned from Dame Dash

youtube.com/watch This was an interview that “The Diary of a CEO” conducted with Dame Dash. I remember when he was rocking hard with Jay-Z and Kayne m, where he had a certain perception of being cocky or a “know-it-all”, but today, I saw a different person. Here are the following lessons that I learned fromContinue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned from Dame Dash”