Lessons I’ve Learned from Dame Dash


This was an interview that “The Diary of a CEO” conducted with Dame Dash. I remember when he was rocking hard with Jay-Z and Kayne m, where he had a certain perception of being cocky or a “know-it-all”, but today, I saw a different person.

Here are the following lessons that I learned from the gems he dropped.

1. School is not everything. Being educated is.

2. Experience can be gained from anything.

3. Don’t give your freedom away by locking yourself into something you don’t understand.

4. Educate yourself.

5. Trust NO ONE, but there’s levels to trust and it’s based on the relationship to that person.

Starting from the tip of the interview, the interviewer asks questions about Dame’s background and how he grew up. There was an experience that he talked about that he had with a teacher and that situation deeply embarrassed him. From that day on he decided that he would never feel that embarrassment again, so he took the approach to never feel that way again.

From that experience he went to talk about the impact that his mom’s death had on him at 16 and the lessons he learned from her about speaking your mind, which in the educational setting looked like he was being defiant or talking back. He said that it was mom taught him to do, because when someone who appears to have authority tells you to do something and it doesn’t sit right with you, it is your duty to speak on it, because when you don’t, you just give your power away and increases your chances of experiencing depression by holding it all in.

I agree with the speaking out part, because when you don’t, you stew in your emotions and it impacts you negatively. This then becomes a habit of the same behavior and you deprive yourself of choices and the freedom to be yourself without caring what others think.

The next part of the interview goes into his business dealings where he talks extreme successes and personal lows. The reason that he excelled is because of anything he learned in school, it was what he learned in the real world. What I mean by that is, how many schools do you know that teaches how to pay taxes? How to keep more of your money? Or How to dream or think creatively? None of those do and comes from personal effort, not a system telling you what to know and do.

The last point, that I found most profound was his perspective on TRUST. It is based on the relationship and anyone that you work is put in two categories: 1) someone I want to personally help or 2) someone who is in my life to help me. The trust is assigned accordingly.

Check out the whole interview from the link provided above. This is my first article of the year. I hope you like it and if there is any topic you would like me to explore, feel free to comment or send me an email at educatedbaddie@yahoo.com.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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