Taking Ownership…Personal Experience

This is an actual experience in which I am basing this post today.

The Journey of Life

I have been doing some reflecting on the concept of taking ownership and on reflecting on the components that make up the conditions for promoting “ownership “, which is linked here.

It brought up several questions in my mind about those who hold you accountable for plans they made or outcomes they planned for without consulting those closest to the work. The example the article brought up was the disaster at Chernobyl many years ago and it’s impact still.

That incident brought to light that there were decisions made at the top level that were funneled down to the lower levels on how they wanted the work to go instead of passing down the objectives and leaving the team to figure out how to accomplish those goals.

This is what I have learned from that lesson, leadership is not easy when you have those directing the plan and you have no say in the plan or how to achieve the outcome.

Pushing Through

I always write pointers on my journey through entrepreneurship: that includes setbacks and life experiences.

I hope that this example encourages you as you go through your struggles, because most times we only see the person on the other side of their journey and not as they are going through it.

Stay encouraged and be blessed!

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