Using Multimedia in Blog Posts

What is multimedia??

Your brain appeals to sight and sounds, which is how the brain records information. Likewise, the use of pictures and interactive videos help consumers connect digitally.

UI and UX

Think of how you interact with a page when you are considering a product. For women, when considering buying something online like shoes, the more pictures, the better. Also women need to see the specification of the shoes, for example, what kind of material it is made, or if the shoe is an open-toe in the front, back, or both, because you could probably order the shoe a whole size smaller. Those are considerations you bring to the table when deciding which elements to include in your blog posts.

Adobe identified many current trends in 2022 that could prove useful in content creation. The ones of interest, as an introduction are listed below, and the characteristics associated with them.

Visual Trends

Centered Self

Mindset Matters


Electric Car

In Motion


Design Trends

New Naturalism

Happy Easter Sunday!!!!


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