“Bank on You” by Jeremiah J. Brown Chapter 1 Book Review

Bank on You Book Review

I know that I had a specific reading list, but I am going to update it to this book I am currently reading. I did a series of shorts in YouTube about wealth traps and the things we are told around financial literacy (attached below).

Just to to do a quick recap on my videos, I talked about the money traps of the poor, middle and rich earners l, how their traps look to the outside. What is most present is the lack of knowledge in some areas , which contributes to where the traps are for each area.

Please check in it the videos I did on this topic to get a deeper understanding of the lessons that could be learned from each area and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

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I am new to the digital word of creating content. In my profession, I am an educator whose imagination spans past the four walls of the classroom, and this is also how I teach my students: "Dream Big."

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