5 Part Series “Great Minds Discuss Grinds”

Business Minded
“You know the problems of those who face the necessity of beginning all over again. There are thousands of people in America today who would like to know how they can convert ideas into money, people who must start at scratch, without finances, and recover their losses.”
Jennings Randolph

The quote above provides insight into an issue that has been ever present in history. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was written in 1937. This shows that even then, there has been and will always be individuals with money issues, from not having enough of it, to learning how to get more of it, to being able to hold on to more of it, when you get it.

I was inspired by a video I saw where an everyday person was discussing how he got started. It was not by following a prescribed program, but was through shear desire of wanting to do better in life.

The first thing that I noticed is that when you feel that you have nothing to offer, learn a new skill. Once you learn the basics of that new skill, then you start using it.

I hope this provides you inspiration as you prepare to begin your week ahead. I am attaching my 5 YouTube shorts that give you a condensed version of what is motivating me.

Making Business Moves

Part 1: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds” https://youtube.com/shorts/FuBqYUW5s9g?feature=share

Part 2: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds” https://youtube.com/shorts/isHWq6gXnhY?feature=share

Part 3: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds” https://youtube.com/shorts/30a29Z-r_o4?feature=share

Part 4: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds” https://youtube.com/shorts/CSpNEJxUeD4?feature=share

Part 4-Second Part: https://youtube.com/shorts/ltr43SlrH7g?feature=share

Part 5: “Great Minds Discuss Grinds” https://youtube.com/shorts/n2isteLftMI?feature=share

Making Money Moves

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It has been a year since I have started my journey in the digital world. With all of the knowledge I have gained, I am now expanding in 2023. Now I’m offering you the service of helping you get started on your journey of creating passive income. With my skillful approach of research, strategy, problem-solving, and of spotting business trends, you can book a coaching session with me. Book Your Session with me: https://stan.store/Educatedbaddie1

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