Reading list for 2022 Recap


So at the beginning of the year there was some reading I want to get done. Attached at the bottom is my original post for what I wanted to read. The first book on my list was the “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

Blue Ocean

I am not saying I do not appreciate scholarly writing, but the only thing thing that I could glean from the reading I could get through is about how you should expand into new markets and not the ones who are trusted, tried and true, because by the time you know more about it, it has been saturated.

The Blue Ocean Strategy is about taking advantage of what is currently happening by taking risks. After that, I lost interest. The reason for this is that there are so many books that tell us there are side hustles available and what others are doing, but what they are failing to do is to actually tell the real of how they became entrepreneurs.

What I have discovered through beginning my journey as an entrepreneur, I have learned that reading, taking classes, and more reading is what is what develops us personally and fills us with ideas of what to do next.

When you see inspiration, chase it.

For those who are interested in the overview and analysis of the book can purchase it here.

Also, if you are a reader and want the choice of books at your fingertips, click here for an Amazon Kindle subscription.

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