Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card
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I was recently reviewing my credit card statement. Even though I totally paid off my credit card, I still reviewed my statement. After reviewing my statement, I found that there was a charge made 2 days after totally paying my card off and at the end of the month.

It’s crazy to me that these two charges happened when I wouldn’t dare look at my bill because it is not close to when it is due. One charge happened just after i completely paid it off, so I wouldn’t have a reason to look at the bill.

I went online to see what happened. I was couldn’t access my account, it said that I excessively accessed my account so I had to reset the password, so like a pretty decent technology savvy person, I reset the password.

After doing all of that, I attempted to access my account again.

Can you guess what happened next??? I was locked out. I then called the customer line and they were closed, but I could listen to the information of the charges via phone, and then that is when I found a second charge!

The second charge happened maybe a week or two before my due date to pay the bill. Whoever made this charge did it where I would receive the shock of my life. I had to wait until the customer service line was open to handle this situation .

Why am I telling you this?? Check your statements regularly and change your cards out after a period of time. People get comfortable with things being the same and a since of normalcy. That is what criminals count on: your sense of vigilance of being a person of routine. Please learn from my unfortunate circumstance of being inconvenienced.

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