Tik Tok Influencer Sued!!!Brittany Dawn


I originally heard this story on Good Morning America and it I initially thought this is another example of how people should learn new skills and do it for themselves. We should stop glamorizing these influencers . Yes they are doing the things that we wish we could do, eventually, but you also have to understand that you can do it too! Take classes, practice, and keep your day job until you can make something of your new found skill.

Acquiring “real” money does not happen overnight, and definitely not quickly like people are claiming it to be. Patience, time, and diligence is what is needed.

I hope this article serves as inspiration to not let yourself be taken advantage of. Always commit yourself to learning something new, get new certifications, and always be ready in case something does not work out.

Happy Saturday! Stay blessed and stay learning…


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It has been a year since I have started my journey in the digital world. With all of the knowledge I have gained, I am now expanding in 2023. Now I’m offering you the service of helping you get started on your journey of creating passive income. With my skillful approach of research, strategy, problem-solving, and of spotting business trends, you can book a coaching session with me. Book Your Session with me: https://stan.store/Educatedbaddie1

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