Clair Huxtable vs. Claire Underwood

These are two interesting fictional characters where some valuable lessons can be taken from them in looking at the dynamics between powerful men and the women they marry. This is not just reflective with powerful couples, but with regular couples. What really inspired this train of thought is the clip included above sharing the perspective of two women from different walks of life, but with the shared goal of furthering the agenda of the man and the family.

For example, Clare Huxtable from “The Cosby Show” there was an episode of where there was a discussion around her serving her man. Now let’s look at this concept here. In that moment, 50/50 meant to “serve” her man was to go get coffee. Clair Underwood from “House of Cards” demonstrates this same “service” because she knows the agenda, and finds her place in the agenda, which shows an extension of him. The caveat to this is, if he doesn’t know, she helps him to figure it out. She is aggressive in his agenda, no matter what it is.

So the lesson learned here is that to truly find yourself is to find purpose is to find yourself. This is not in the form of your job, but making certain investments in others. This is just food for thought.


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