Fabulous App

Check this out – Getting a great breakfast : https://thefab.page.link/GdSkF

There is this wonderful app that I am trying that is supposed to help you change your habits, depending on which journey you select. It could be having to do with being more organized or increasing your productivity during the day, but whatever it is , there is a path for.

I just wanted to share something that I am personally finding success with. Sometimes programs are hard to stick with because of lack of motivation, but it doesn’t feel like effort doing this.

If you want to try this for yourself, check out my post from yesterday, How to Be With Yourself, and try it free for 30 days using my guest pass.

Happy Tuesday!!!


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It has been a year since I have started my journey in the digital world. With all of the knowledge I have gained, I am now expanding in 2023. Now I’m offering you the service of helping you get started on your journey of creating passive income. With my skillful approach of research, strategy, problem-solving, and of spotting business trends, you can book a coaching session with me. Book Your Session with me: https://stan.store/Educatedbaddie1

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