Side Hustle Inspiration

These are recommended books that could inspire you towards your next big hustle!

  1. 100 Side Hustles by Chris Guillebeau
  2. Hustle by Neil Patel
  3. Side Hustles by John Banks

Some weeks ago, I wrote about “Blue Ocean Strategies” and I want to provide an example of that. For those of you who might not know what I am talking about, I am referring to utilizing opportunities that not many people are utilizing yet, or there is not much information around them. With that carries risk, but those opportunities that you here and have lots of information around, means that those areas are saturated and new entry into those areas are hard to distinguish yourself in.

This article is going to provide an example of that strategy in use in talking about “Blue Ocean Strategy.” I was inspired by G. Brian Davis in where he was talking about investment into Co-working Spaces. Now hear me out.

Strategy and Planning

Co-working spaces seems like a great idea to me because of the effects of the “Great Resignation.” There are more people working from home, but what I have also seen is the fatigue that comes from being at home. If I were to work remotely, I would definitely have one of these spaces to keep me in the business mindset.

In no way what I am suggesting is because I claim to be an expert investor, but I want readers to know that I write this as much for your understanding, as well as my own, but it is interesting to to see that investment in real estate is not wildly talked about, not in terms of housing, but remote options that would allow you to earn side income by owning and co-opting office space. This is like the virtual office option I talked about in one of my first post.

Getting it Together
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