Valentine’s Day Him/Her Guidebook

In thinking about staying safe as much as possible during the pandemic, I thought it would be a good idea to create moments of romance with those that we care about from home, so here are a few suggestions on how to create that romantic vibe.

1. Bring Your Love Story to Life

Create a personalized book with your love story in it from Love Book.

2. Not Great at Planning Dates?

I found this concept of date planning interesting. This company is called “The Adventure Challenge.” There are products featured for couples and families. You can get a plan for a couple date or dinner…

Amazon has this great deal going on where you can buy special items for Valentines using this promotion link. This link allows you to shop for all things related to this special day in one place.

Have little time to shop for your loved one? This additional feature of “Same Day Delivery” is great as well with a qualified Amazon Prime Membership. If you don’t have the Amazon Prime Membership, here is a free 30 Day Trial here. Use this link to sign up and get your purchases through the 30 day trial.

3. For Men with Beards

I have seen the current trend of men maintaining their mustache and beards, so why not keep your skin and your beard looking and smelling good with Scotch Porter. They also carry hair products too.

Now for my Ladies

1. A Gift in a Jar

Many women like things that make them feel nurtured and refreshed and bath bombs, face masks, foot masks, and bubble baths nurture a woman’s soul.

2. Use Amazon Prime to Create a Gift Basket.

Amazon Prime has a suggestion guide for gifts of different budget types and you could use it to put together a gift basket of goodies.

3. Reasons why You Love Her

Women Love This For Real

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