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“The Art of Blogging”

I want to focus on those who have been supporting me from the start of my blog by writing about them and what I find valuable about their blog. There is nothing better in life than recognizing others who are in the work and bring value to the work that you are trying to do.

Today, I would like to highlight the blogger, Cristian Mihai from “The Art of Blogging,” “A Realistic Approach to Blog Growth for Beginners: How to Go From 0 to 1,000 Followers,” because there was article that inspired me in how to blog even when you have zero followers.

The lesson I learned from the article is that you just have to get started and “punching the damn keys.”

It is not all about becoming famous, but about the relationship that you maintain between you and your reader. The lesson to learn is whether you gain followers quickly or through an uphill battle, the experience is worth it, because in your journey, you are constantly refining your process. The one thing I have consistently seen is that in the social media game, most of them will tell you that it did not happen overnight and they consistently posted quality content even when no one was watching, but the real test of a bloggers potential is not in the first few posts, but in their ability to build a portfolio over time.

I have previously written about my journey of purusing entreprenuership, and this in line with setting a realistic strategy and timeline to achieve your goals. I can appreciate the strategy of building community with the networks around you first, and quite naturally it will expand outwards to others.

In this post, Mihai explains the strategy depending on your audience. I like the approach to start with who knows and supports you.

I don’t want to give away too much more, but only for me to say that you should check out this blogger. The information that I found here is very valuable, to the point where I even purchased a subscription.

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