The Instant Brand Blueprint Review (Lady Boss Studio)

Since I am in the beginning stages of branching off into entrepreneurship, I want to share my journey, from the products I try, to the results I get as a result of doing something. Today, I tried a branding kit (Lady Boss Studio) that helped me to put my vision of what I want my business to represent into a visual that I can constantly refer to in Canva.

Features of the product I liked:

  1. Step by Step Guide to creating your business brand.
  2. Workbook Format
  3. My personal inspirations were used through this exercise to helped me to do it myself.
  4. Additionally, you can use this exercise to help you create additional branding collateral.

Below are the photos of this exercise.

Vision Board
Color Palette Creation
Designed Logo
Final Branding Board

Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Published by carmk2002

I am new to the digital word of creating content. In my profession, I am an educator whose imagination spans past the four walls of the classroom, and this is also how I teach my students: "Dream Big."

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