When Your Audience Does Not Know You

Building Social Media Community

Social Media Community

Imagine that you are spending night after night viewing You Tube videos, reading articles on how others have expanded their brands to where they currently are. You’re looking at case studies to apply what the current influencers did to your personal journey. Out of all that time you are devoting to your current activities, you are still trying to piece together a few strategies to consistently apply, and you feel that you are getting nowhere.

In the piece below, I am presenting two steps to introduce new audiences to your content. As you read this article, follow this strategy for yourself and analyze the results. I am not pretending to be an expert on this subject, but what I am doing is learning a new process that I don’t see much conversation on in terms of definitive strategies (that is not costing me an arm and a leg) for a new person new to social media to apply.

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Step 1: Converting a Stranger to a Casual Reader

  1. Create Slide shares ( I use Flip Board)
    • This is where you curate a “magazine” that caters to the topic you are blogging about.
    • It will provide your audience with more information and drive more traffic to your site.
    • Here is an example of mine. (Please like and follow)

Step 2: Casual Reader to Subscriber

  1. Create a freebie
    • This will will allow you to collect email addresses.
    • Use this to inform readers of your future topics, workshops, and new products that you are featuring.

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