Defining Your Company Purpose

Before the pandemic, I used to think in terms of my value to a company, but now I largely look at myself as a brand. A brand has a story, a place of origin, and a relevance to the right now. In a previous blog post, I mentioned how our personal experiences provide a perspective that no one else can provide and this is what makes you have to say valuable.

The “Branding” Story

“Lead With Me” provides an interesting perspective on leadership through education. This type of leadership builds individual capacity in decision-making through facilitation in anticipation to solve problems. Shared experiences and learning from our mistakes and that and that of others, promote innovation, where stakeholders or the people you want to serve , buy into the vision or your vision.

Crafting the Vision

Think like a venture capitalist, where you are developing as many ideas as possible. For those who read a lot, you develop a particular insight that encourages forward thinking and action when opportunities present themselves.

For more information on some of the resources I use to make videos click here. TubeBuddy provides a checklist of best practices that will help you become better at creating your YouTube videos.


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