CPR Pitching Method

I know what you’re thinking….CPR, there’s a person that need a medical attention…right?? Well, in business this is a pitch framework that Gloria Chou used to pitch herself to get on other’s podcast. What is unique about this approach is that it is used to generate interest outside your customer base. Don’t think of this method as selling a product or service, but as adding a valuable perspective to a situation that everyone is already talking about in a way that shows your insight.

See the link I have provided to another one of my post about how valuable your experiences are to someone else. This is a new era and things that have worked out for others might not work out for you and that is why you have to keep constantly learning and applying new knowledge as you grow into your journey of entrepreneurship or just plain growth where you are currently.

The CPR method is based on these three factors:

  1. Credibility
  2. Point of View
  3. Relevance

Check out her template here: https://flip.it/CvuDDt

You are your own compass
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