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“She can, she is Diamonds” It is through the process of continuous fire that a person is refined.

Sheera Winn
Discussing Grinds
  • TikTok Brittany Dawn Settled Case

    See this blog post for the explanation of how we have arrived here to the settled case. I’m this article, it mentioned that she had many stipulations included in her future business practices, including not representing that she is a trained professional, which I find interesting. See the link above for the original story andContinue…

  • Question of the Day!!!!

    Q: What percentage of consumers using “buy now, pay later” are late with some of their payments? A: 42% Follow up Questions 1. Have you ever used this type of purchasing option? 2. What are the pros/cons of using this purchasing option? 3. Why do you think so many people struggle to make these paymentsContinue…

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